Here we go!

Welcome to Lemon and Quinn a new shop featuring comfortable, stylish and environmentally responsible clothing for our favourite wee ones. 

It's a bit of a slow start as i'm starting to realize building a business while juggling a 1 year old and maintaining what i can only describe as a rustic house and yard is somewhat challenging. But, bit by bit twenty minutes at a time things are coming together. I'm so excited to see this idea come to life and very thankful for all the positive feedback and support. 

Why the name Lemon and Quinn? Well, Lemon is my sweet dog. Her breed is what we might describe as 'Kootenay special' meaning we're not totally sure but it definitely includes some Labrador and most likely rhodesian. She is adorable, tender and full of beans. And Quinn is my daughter's middle name, she is the inspiration for the clothing line.

Most of the clothes i was drawn to were what some people might classify as boy colours and i found a lot of moms were interested in having a more gender neutral palette. That is one of the design elements i've tried to incorporate. Imagery is another. Traditional baby clothes tend to really lean towards boy/girl roles, i'm hoping that the prints and fabrics i use will be equally as charming on boys and girls. In doing this i hope to extend the wear of the clothes so that they might be passed on between siblings of different genders. My hope is that consumers will see the value in these pieces. There are grow with me features like foldable waist and cuffs, quality fabrics such as soft bamboo and organic cotton and of course gender neutral styles.

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