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cool weather styles

I have to say this is my favourite time of year. The days are sunny but the air is so fresh and crisp, the trees are changing colours and i still have flowers blooming in the garden. In between some ungodly early mornings, taking our hyper dog for a walk, trying to get my baby to take a proper nap and harvesting the freakish number of squash buried in the garden i've been working on some cozy tops to keep our little ones toasty warm.  Sleeveless sweatshirts with comfy cowl necks and bamboo french terry long sleeved shirts. We'll have fleece harem style joggers coming down the line too just in time for colder days.

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Here we go!

Welcome to Lemon and Quinn a new shop featuring comfortable, stylish and environmentally responsible clothing for our favourite wee ones.  It's a bit of a slow start as i'm starting to realize building a business while juggling a 1 year old and maintaining what i can only describe as a rustic house and yard is somewhat challenging. But, bit by bit twenty minutes at a time things are coming together. I'm so excited to see this idea come to life and very thankful for all the positive feedback and support.  Why the name Lemon and Quinn? Well, Lemon is my sweet dog. Her breed is what we might describe as 'Kootenay special' meaning we're not totally sure but it definitely...

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